Vintage Johan Dierickx sells exclusive art, vintage & 20th centurydesign. Next to that, it’s a meeting place for design lovers & artists.

Rue Wateeu straat 12
1000 Brussels

Studio Johan Dierickx & Dia-design has, next to their concept creation for exclusive residential establishments, a Gallery in Brussels, hosting XXth Century Design & Art.

We specialize in exclusive XXth century Design & Art. We have a constantly changing mix of XXth Century and contemporary furniture, accessories and renowned art, all hand picked from across Europe and the States always diverse, from leading designers to more generic, iconic pieces.


For more than three decades Studio Johan Dierickx captivates with its recognizable style in the designing and furnishing of luxurious living spaces, exclusive homes, boutiques and other projects.

Our creative team can boast a wealth of experience and is distinguished by a refreshing confrontation between modernism and 20th Century Design & Art. The result of this ‘out of the box’ thinking is a viable quality interior, that sometimes looks classic and sometimes avant garde.

What makes us truly unique: we pick if desired from our Gallery of 20th Century Design & Art, a renowned collection of Italian, Danish and American Design. It’s no coincidence that our refined interiors also find international resonance. Our flexible Design team therefore surrounds itselves with the best international contractors.

Studio Johan Dierickx is dedicated to bringing Iternational & Multidisciplinary Interior Design and Architecture, Landscaping, Art, Graphics and industrial Design for Villas, lofts, shops, museums, offices, restaurants, hotels, embassies, projects or specific tasks such as Yachts, furniture, bikes and pools in all of Europe, so please feel free to contact us for any of your interior projects.

Or visit the XXth Century Design & Art Gallery and Offices at the Grand Sablon Art-district, 1000 Brussels.