Out of order



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Original painting by one of the members of Out of order


Out of Order began in 2001 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It started when drummer Phil Keays and his bass playing sister Nancea, along with guitarist Tiffany Flowers asked Scott Maracle(Rear Admirals) to join the group as the singer and frontman of the band. Scott’s pal and lead guitarist, Matt “the Wolfman” Dewolfe(A.S.B, Abyssed), soon joined the crew. The band landed their first gig in Halifax’s seediest and most infamous punk dives, Hell. Over the next several years the band jammed and slugged out a few impromptu shows in Halifax. In 2003 Matt left the band and headed to Montreal Q.C. The band became a four piece. Soon, Nancea also headed west, eventually ending up in Vancouver, B.C. Nancea was replaced by Mike “Coolaid” Parks(Raygonomics) and and the band kept smashin out shows in Hali. Soon, arguments over direction occured and Scott left the band only to reform again in Montreal with Matt in 2005. They were joined by ex-scooners Liam Sullivan (Drunken Dru,A.I.L) on drums and Tom Doherty(Plague Dogs, Drunken dru) on Bass. Brian Babineau (No Alliance) came in on rythum guitars and the band began once again as a Montreal ensemble, playing their first gig in the new city at L’ Hemisphere Gauche in 2006. Drunken stage antics often left lead singer Scott bruised and bloody after shows. Brian however increasingly found it difficult to split his time between his several bands and decide to leave Out of Order in late 2006. The band continued on and soon Liam’s brother Tim(Plague Dogs) took over the role of lead guitarist from Matt who continued to play rythum. Over ther next couple years the first Out of Order demo’s were recorded and then a full length Album was pumped out. Recorded in the Bowels of St. Henri’s fatale building, the album entitled simply “Out Of Order”, was a raw and vicious sounding record in the spirit of the true D.I.Y ethic. In 2007 Tim left the band and was replaced by Taylor Stevenson (H.G.M,Abyssed) on leads. The band kept knocking out show after show until finnally a dispute between Matt and Scott came to a head and Matt left the band for good. Now Ian Wilson(Metalian) was to pick up the torch and began shredding out homicidal riffs as Out of Order’s new lead guitarist. Taylor switched over to rythum. The band began touring around Canada in late 2008 smashing out show after show all over Quebec, Ontario and the East Coast. In the summer of 2009 the band went into the studio and recorded another 3 killer tracks for an upcoming 7″ split. The current line up stands as Liam,Tom,Scott,Ian and Taylor. Out of Order continues on in spite of adversity. The core element that has fired the band for 8 years remains the same, play hard, with love and with pride. Out of Order continues to bridge gaps as a working class street rock n’ roll band from Montreal to beyond!


*SCOTT MASSACRE-Vocals *HOODLUM-Guitar, Back vocals *METAL IAN-Lead Guitar, Back Vocals *TOMMY SALAMI-Bass Guitar, Back Vocals *CRUSHED VELVET-Drums